My name is Eugene K. Williams aka (House). I am the Founder and CEO of New York-based Box Boys Global. I started Box Boys Global because I have first-hand knowledge of the losses and damages that can happen when customers ship their valuable belongings, and I want to use that knowledge to make sure your valuables and important documents get to you safely and securely.

How did I gain first-hand knowledge of the shipping system and its pitfalls?

Like many young African-American men, I was searching for the American Dream. My dream was to work for the US Postal Service (USPS). I was hired as a mail handler, and excited to be selected from a large group of qualified candidates. It was easy to envision how my life would change for the better and be more financially secure.

Unfortunately, my work at USPS did not turn out as expected. After four years as a mail handler, I was forced to work very long hours and each holiday to try and make ends meet for my family. My financial struggle and frustration with the job led me to make some choices to capitalize on specific flaws and security gaps in the USPS system, choices I now regret but that I have learned from and that have led me to start Box Boys Global. I learned that damaged packages were often declared "dead" (lost to the customer forever) and that illegal items were being mailed through postal facilities every day. I became so good at identifying these illegal packages that I assumed a 90% accuracy rate for targeting and taking these specific packages.I continued capitalizing on this system for years, until I got overconfident and ultimately got caught by federal agents. Upon our arrest, the federal agents dubbed me and my partner the “Box Boys”.

While sitting in a federal holding cell and thinking about what I could learn from my mistakes, I took the first steps to develop Box Boys Global. No one is more aware of the flaws in the shipping system than the Box Boys, and no one is more qualified to provide a solution that gets your package delivered safely, securely and tracked each step of the way.

We have developed the first totally secure, trackable shipping system. The Box Boy is an indestructible but lightweight package that can be tracked in real time using GPS technology. Once you buy and register a Box Boy, you will be able to track its delivery every step of the way and can feel comfortable knowing your package cannot be damaged or tampered with. The Box Boy is recyclable and reusable - for just a small initial investment in the package, you can rest assured knowing that your important and valuable packages will arrive safe and sound every time.

Our product is a holding cell for your valuables - the most reliable, indestructible, and efficient way to track and send anything of value. Who would know how to secure your items better than Box Boys?